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ban mosaic 120509

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Tetons 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Telluride in the Spring

Gold mining water jet

Breakfast in Norwood

El Diente
San Juan Mountains
 from Naturita Colorado

Watercolors shown in a Cafe in Norwood

Along the Dolores and San Miguel Rivers

La Sal Mountains
west of the Dolores

Rafters camp at the junction of the Dolores and San Miguel

Remains of an irrigation canal above the San Miguel


Friday, May 27, 2011

Arches National Park

There is only one campground in the park, but many campsites in the surrounding Bureau of Land Management public lands

YES !! the Utah scenery elevates my spirit

The road to Blanding Utah, east of Arches

Kane Gulch and Grand Gulch, Utah

There is a narrow gravel road that climbs the cliff face, invisible in the picture
Beautiful views !

 There are many ancient ruins in this area:
This is an account of a backpack in the gulch:

 An early European trip journal

 Chronology of the Rock Art from several periods

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